Jasper.ai Review: Time To Fire Your Writers Or No?

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Imagine you could just tell the computer what you wanted to write about, and the computer would output reasonable-sounding content within seconds.

You could potentially create so much content in just one day!

With Jasper.ai, we’re getting that much closer to such a reality.

Jasper.ai is far from a replacement for a talented writer, but it can help you churn out content faster than you ever imagined.

In this Jasper.ai review, we’ll take a look at what the software is, what it’s good for, what it’s not good for, and how you can make the best of it.

Jasper.ai review: key takeaways

Jasper.ai is one of the best AI-based copywriting and content creation tools out there. It’s not the cheapest, but the features(especially Boss Mode, which gives you a lot of creative freedom) make the cost worth it.

If you need to create content, Jasper.ai can greatly speed up your workflow. So whether you’re looking to produce ad copy, social media content, blog posts, listicles, marketing emails, YouTube scripts, college essays, or virtually any other kind of written content, Jasper.ai can be a game-changer.

However, you can’t just blindly keep pressing enter and rely completely on Jasper to produce a finished piece of content. The facts are not always correct, and Jasper is better at producing certain types of content such as listicles and marketing messages as opposed to detailed product reviews and the like.

If you’re willing to put in the effort to learn how to effectively use Jasper.ai, you can become a content-producing machine.

Jasper AI Pros & Cons

Jasper Pros

  • Unbeatable ease of use and output quality compared to other AI writing tools out there
  • Great for getting out of writers block
  • Very active team is always pushing updates and creating educational content
  • Works with Surfer SEO to supercharge your content optimization
  • Boss mode lets you create long-form content with a lot of ease
  • Supports multiple languages
  • You can reverse output to refund words used up

Jasper Cons

  • Outputs are not always factually correct
  • More expensive than other GPT-3 based AI copywriting tools
  • You pay by words generated, so costs can add up quickly if you have to generate multiple outputs
  • Needs a lot of guidance and massaging to create a standalone blog post

What is Jasper.ai?

Jasper.ai is a SAAS(software as a service) copywriting and content creation tool that utilizes artificial intelligence, GPT-3, and machine learning to automatically generate content based on prompts that you provide.

There are plenty of GPT-3 tools out there like Rytr.ai and so on, but in this Jasper.ai review, you’ll see why it has the best interface and produces the best results.

How Does Jasper AI Work?

When you first sign up for Jasper.ai’s Boss Mode plan and open up a blank canvas, it can be awe-inspiring to see how you can simply press Control-Enter(or Command-Enter on a Mac) and watch Jasper.ai magically produce paragraphs and paragraphs of content.

Jasper.ai is based on GPT-3, an artificial intelligence language processing model. GPT-3 is remarkable because it can understand natural language and produce content based on what it learns from it.

Jasper.ai features

Jasper has over 50 built-in frameworks and templates that you can use to create content:

  • Paragraphs
  • One-shot blog post
  • Content improver
  • Product description
  • AIDA framework (Attention Interest Desire Action)
  • PAS framework (Problem Agitate Solution)
  • Blog post topics
  • Blog post bullet outline
  • Blog post intro
  • Blog post conclusion
  • Creative story
  • Explain it to a child
  • Sentence expander
  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • Google My Business
  • Ridiculous Marketing Ideas
  • YouTube
  • SEO meta descriptions and titles
  • Cold emails
  • Cold email
  • Personal Bio
  • Amazon Product details
  • Quora answers
  • Engaging questions
  • and more

Boss Mode and Jasper commands

Jasper.ai’s biggest strong point is the incredible Boss Mode and Jasper commands functionality.

Boss Mode essentially gives you a blank canvas to start creating content. From the sidebar, you can choose one of Jasper.ai’s 50+ frameworks to add into your content.

If you weren’t using Boss Mode, you’d have to create a new document somewhere and copy/paste the individual outputs into the document, then switch to the other framework, create your content, and paste it again.

Boss Mode lets you streamline the whole process.

But the really awesome feature of Boss Mode is the Compose feature.

Essentially, you can just enter a title for your blog post, a short summary of the content you want to create, and just press Control-Enter or Command-Enter on a Mac and Jasper.ai will start composing content.

You can also choose the length of the output from small, medium, or large.

Jasper will use any information you feed into it from the sidebar to generate content. Even if you don’t add any details, Jasper will either fall back onto what it already knows or just wing it, much like a college student does when they’re asked a question on an exam for a subject they’ve not studied!

Using Boss Mode, it’s not difficult to generate 2000+ words of content in less than 30 minutes.

Jasper also looks back 3000 characters into what’s already been written and tries to build on that.

So if you start a listicle and have numbered your items, writing about 150 words for each list item, Jasper can pick up on that pattern and continue with it.

This is a very powerful feature that you can utilize when using Jasper, especially if you pepper the AI outputs with your own (hopefully human) content.

In fact, many content creators use this human-AI “cyborg” approach to really make the best of Jasper.

Jasper Commands

Where Jasper.ai really sets itself apart from the competition is the Commands feature.

Here, you can literally “tell” Jasper what you want it to output and it will try to do that.

For example, you can write a command saying:

>Write a brief introduction about Jasper.ai copywriting software

And Jasper will do exactly that.

You can also get really specific with your commands. In fact, the more specific you are, the better the output will be, since there will be less room for error.

>Write 3 bullet points on the benefits of using an AI copywriting tool

Jasper will output 3 bullet points just as you asked.

To create a really effective workflow, you can string together multiple Jasper commands to essentially draft a blog post in no time.

In fact, this is one of Jasper.ai’s biggest selling points, and this system is called Recipes.

Jasper.ai Recipes

Jasper Recipes are series of commands that the Jasper team and community have come up with to systematically create a piece of content.

A recipe is a document with some prompts and draft commands that you need to fill out and run. As you work down the commands, Jasper will compose the content for you.

In your Jasper.ai dashboard, you’ll be able to see the different available recipes and how many votes the recipes have gotten.

You can certainly use existing recipes to start out, but eventually, you will want to create your own recipes that are better adapted to your personal workflow.

Recipes can be as basic or as elaborate as you need.

The simplest recipe goes something like this:

>Write an introduction about [topic]

>Write 5 bullet points about [topic]

Then, under each bullet point:

>Write 2 to 3 paragraphs about [bullet point]

>Write a conclusion about topic

[recipes screenshot]

Tone of voice

As a content creator, you understand how important tone of voice is for getting your message across.

Some things need to be said with humor, some things with sarcasm, and other things very directly.

Jasper has a feature where you can enter your desired tone of voice. You can be really creative here: use basic descriptors like “funny, serious, sarcastic,” or similar.

Alternatively, you can input the names of certain famous individuals whose style you want your content to emulate.

One of the suggestions in the Tone of Voice field in Jasper.ai is Joe Rogan!

There’s no guarantee about the output, of course, so it’s best to play around with it by using different tones/celebrities and seeing the kind of output Jasper produces.

Surfer SEO integration

Jasper.ai has partnered with Surfer SEO so you can SEO optimize your articles as you compose them in Jasper.

Surfer SEO is one of the most powerful SEO optimization tools on the market. It works by studying the top results for a particular query and determining important data points that correlate with the top rankings.

You can use Surfer to tell you an optimal word count, what terms and phrases to use, how many times to use them, how many headings to use, how many paragraphs to use, and how many images to use.

Surfer is incredibly useful and if you’ve already got a Surfer SEO subscription, you can connect it to Jasper.ai.

Surfer is available in Boss Mode and works by splitting the screen into two – one side for Surfer and the other side for Jasper.

Using it is kind of a two-step process, though, as you’ll have to create the content editor in Surfer itself, then head over to Jasper and use the integration.

Still, that’s a minor hiccup.

It’s important to note that Surfer’s suggestions have no influence on Jasper’s outputs. Jasper will work as it always has, and it’s up to you to optimize your article according to Surfer SEO’s suggestions.

Surfer SEO is not cheap, so you’re looking at an additional $30-ish dollars per month on top of the $60 you already pay for Jasper.


Jasper is integrated with Grammarly so your grammar is checked on the fly as Jasper(and you) are composing.

Grammarly is a vital tool for any content creator and copywriter. The most basic benefit is the spell-check, and the paid version gives you more complex grammar suggestions.

Essentially, Grammarly works to simplify your content and make it as easy to read as possible.

Plagiarism checker

As a content creator, you’re right to be concerned about plagiarism. At the very least, duplicate content can hurt your SEO efforts, and in the worst case, you can be slapped with a lawsuit.

Jasper is programmed to create original content, but the plagiarism checker is a useful addition to give you extra reassurance that the content is indeed original.

Folders and documents

When you’re creating tons of content every month(as you should be if you’re using Jasper), it’s easy for all of your posts to become messy and disorganized.

In Jasper, you can create folders to sort your documents as you create them.

This makes life much easier as organizing your workflow is one of the most important things you need to do to keep from becoming overwhelmed.

Frequent updates

The team behind Jasper.ai is very active and they’re always updating the platform. I’ve used Jasper.ai multiple times: first when it was Conversion.ai, then when it was Jarvis.ai, and again when it was rebranded to Jasper.ai.

Each iteration of the product is much better than the last, and the team is constantly striving to make it better.

An active team is one of the most important considerations behind a great SAAS product. You can be assured of responsive support, which is very critical, especially when you need to learn how to use a tool and make the best of it.

Signing up early can also be advantageous as SAAS companies often increase their prices down the road, and when you’re an early adotper, you get grandfathered in at the rate you signed up for.

When I signed up for Jarvis.ai, there was no word limit. I had to cancel my subscription in the middle due to being unable to use it enough at the time, but when I signed up again, I had to sign up with the word-generation limit!

How Effective Is Jasper?

Great assistant, but can’t be used as a standalone tool

So far, everything seems like it’s all roses – Jasper will soon put all copywriters and human content creators out of business.

Not quite!

You can’t simply keep hitting compose and expect Jasper to magically create an awesome piece of content.

Sure, it will work a few times, but in some cases, simply pressing enter will result in a frustrating loop, especially if it’s a very specific topic that Jasper does not know about.

There are certain types of posts like listicles that Jasper excels at creating, but good luck trying to write a how-to or step-by-step post for something specific like repairing an air conditioner.

Jasper also has difficulty with product reviews, though there are certain recipes which you can use to spoon-feed Jasper information and let it generate text.

Where Jasper really shines is breaking writer’s block and expanding content.

Have you ever felt stuck staring at a screen and not knowing what to write next? That’s where Jasper comes in handy.

Or if you’re like me, you tend to state things with brevity most of the time. If you need some long form content and find that you’re falling a few hundred words short of your target, you can use the Rewrite or Paragraph Expander tool.

Accuracy issues

The team behind Jasper.ai claim that Jasper has read 10% of the internet. That’s a ton of information, but Jasper is still not always very accurate.

Whenever Jasper generates any facts and figures, you should always double-check them yourself to make sure they’re accurate.

Jasper is known to generate inaccurate content at times: in some cases, the mistakes are passable, but in other cases, it’s just downright incorrect.

As a content creator, you don’t want to create blatantly incorrect content, so spend the extra few minutes to make sure Jasper’s outputs are accurate.

Accuracy is always going to be an issue in AI, just like AI-based dictation is also not 100% accurate.

Practice makes perfect

When you sign up for Jasper.ai, make sure you’re ready to invest a few weeks into really learning how the tool works.

If you’re expecting to sign up and immediately start churning out award-winning content, you’ll be very disappointed.

You can work Jasper into your content-creation workflow by finding areas where you could use some assistance, and letting Jasper.ai step in there.

Ideally, you should use a Jasper recipe for every piece of content you create. You can use many of the pre-exisitng recipes or modify them and develop your own.

Perfecting these recipes will take time, so again, be prepared to practice and create your workflow.

Writing technical posts and detailed product reviews is possible if you “feed” it correct information. This takes some practice, but you can work this into your recipes.

Utilizing Jasper.ai will force you to think of content creation in terms of systems and processes, and if you can get a grip on that, your content workflow will become much faster.

Is AI content just as good as human content?

Jasper will not replace your most talented writer: it’s far from it.

If you look close enough, you’ll be able to spot the patterns and repetition in Jasper’s content. These patterns are not quite as obvious in human-generated content.

However, when you need to create content fast and you’re prepared to go back and edit it later, Jasper is a great way to get something out there for Google to start indexing and building your knowledge graph upon.

AI (GPT-3) content will not replace human content anytime soon, but if you put Jasper.ai in the hands of a talented human writer, you can start creating content at a scale you had never thought possible.

Jasper.ai content examples

I played around with Jasper to get a few pieces of example content.

In the example below, I used a Jasper command to suggest some title ideas for a piece of content:

using jasper to generate title ideas

As you can see, the suggestions are really good and you can use Jasper to generate multiple topic ideas to write about.

In the next example, I tried to be a little more specific and asked Jasper to build out some content under a heading.

Using Jasper to generate content under a heading

As you can see, the results are quite impressive. Jasper composed nearly 300 words of decent content in a few seconds.

Using Jarvis to generate content structure

In the above example, I wrote a headline and just hit the compose command to see what Jasper came up with. Because the heading was “3 questions” Jasper followed the pattern and generated 3 questions!

To further build out this post, I could just place the cursor under each heading and hit compose again, or use a Jasper command to be more specific.

For the final example below, I tried to use a more technical topc.

While the suggestions are accurate to a certain extent, they’re not perfect.

Trying Jasper with a technical topic

Excellent resources and support

Jasper.ai has some of the best tutorials that I have seen of any SAAS tool. There are plenty of videos on YouTube on how to use the tool, and there are always new webinars that introduce new features and workflows.

This alone makes Jasper much better than any of its less-active competitors.

Here are some examples:

These are just a few of the hundreds of videos now available on Jasper.ai’s YouTube channel.

Who Are Ideal Customers to Invest in Jasper?

Who is Jasper.ai for?

Jasper.ai is ideal for content creators and marketing professionals who need to create content at scale and with speed.

You can utilize Jasper for creating web copy, YouTube scripts, email marketing scripts, social media captions, product descriptions, and so much more.

If you were to try to do all of this manually, you’d require a significant investment of time and brain power, or a significant investment into a team.

If you’re prepared to learn how to utilize the tool and use it to speed up your workflow, Jasper.ai is a game changer.

However, if you’re looking for something that can replace your writers and create content for you at the click of a button without any effort on your part, then you’ll be disappointed.

Here are some examples of professionals that can utilize Jasper:

  • Writers
  • Niche site owners
  • Lifestyle bloggers
  • Marketing agencies
  • Social media marketers
  • YouTube content creators
  • Screenwriters
  • eCommerce store owners
  • Amazon marketplace sellers

The list goes on!

Jasper.ai Plans and Pricing

Jasper.ai has two plans to choose from: Starter and Boss Mode.

The Starter plan starts at $29/month for 20,000 words and will let you use Jasper’s 50+ tools to compose content. This includes all the content templates such as the copywriting frameworks, product description generators, paragraph expanders, social media posts, cold emails, and so on.

Boss Mode starts at $59/month for 50,000 words and has all the benefits of the Starter Plan plus access to a Google Docs-style editor where you can create long form content.

In this editor, you’ll be able to utilize the Compose function and Jasper commands to create content at scale.

If you’re planning on signing up, you should definitely invest the extra $30 per month if you can and get access to Boss Mode.

When you sign up for Jasper.ai’s mailing list, you can get a free trial with 10,000 words of content. This is a great way to test the waters before you commit to $60/month.

If you’re committed to using the tool for the long run, you can save 17% per month by signing up for an annual plan.

Jasper Art

For $20/month, you can start using a new feature of Jasper called Jasper Art, which is AI-based image generator based on the DALL-E AI engine.

You can utilize Jasper Art to quickly create 100% unique visuals for your blog posts and videos.

Frequently asked questions

Why Was Jarvis Rebranded to Jasper AI?

Jarvis.ai was rebranded to Jasper.ai because of a lawsuit threat from Disney. Disney owns the intellectual rights to the idea of a robot/computer named Jarvis(Iron Man’s sidekick). Because of this threat, the team decided to rename the robot to Jasper instead of Jarvis.

Is Jasper.ai good for SEO?

Jasper is great for SEO because it can help speed up your content creation. If you’re a one-man/woman show and need to do the work of teams, Jasper can help.

What AI does Jasper use?

Jasper is built on the GPT-3 AI engine.

Can Jasper.ai write a book?

Yes! In fact, the Jasper team did a webinar on a 7-day challenge to write a book using Jasper.

Final Thoughts: Is Jasper.Ai Worth it?

Jasper.ai is an incredibly useful copywriting and content creation tool provided that your expectations are in check before you subscribe.

If you’re looking for something that will speed up your writing workflow and help you create content at scale, it’s an amazing tool.

If you’re looking for something that will replace you and your writers, you will be disappointed!

Jasper.ai offers a 5 day trial with 10,000 words of generated content, and I highly recommend you give it a shot.

Check it out here

Update: OpenAI has released ChatGPT, which is a lot like Jasper and actually works better in some cases. Read more about it here.

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